Salvatore Collaro is the main protagonist of a happy story, which takes place along the coral road, which began in the late ’50s in that Greek Tower that King Ferdinand IV called “the golden sponge”.

Flanked by Lella, his wife – as well as a daughter of art, Salvatore has been able to make the family business bigger and bigger, until it reaches remarkable goals and dimensions.

From coral to pearls: over the years, love for pearls has led Salvatore on long trips to the Far East to identify the perfect ones, to make their products unique.

Innovation is combined with tradition: the merit of the past is blended, thanks to the skilled hands of Liliana and Lucia Collaro, daughters of Salvatore and Lella, with the novelties of the present, creating a unique result in elegance, romanticism and absolute charm.

From Europe to Asia, today the company is known for the contemporary and glamorous forms of its creations, always ready to satisfy even the most demanding customers.