Salvatore Collaro has always been the protagonist of the Italian history of the coral  of the last 50years. His life, over the years, has evolved along the way of the coral, to merge completely, as if the fate of the family was already ‘written in that name: “Collaro”, is the anagram of “corallo”.

Salvatore found in Lella, his wife, a wise and faithful companion, both in life and in the conduct of business. She, since young, made the most of that talent for the manufacturing of coral which he inherited from his father and grandfather. The company, founded in laboratories of Torre del Greco at the beginning of the 60s happy and thanks to the great intuition, mixed the students’ ability in business and management of the Saviour, has achieved and sizes that still expanding.

At the same time the processing of coral, Salvatore has always followed with great passion and meticulous attention to the continuing development of the pearl market: from the veryprestigious Australian Chinese, Japanese from the Tahitian. This love for the pearl brought him for long periods in the Far East, where, with great wealth, he chose the pearls that currently constitute a fundamental aspect of trading company.

Over the years the company has grown, the current structure, with well-equipped laboratories and advanced in which you perform all phases of coral, from cutting the original piece, through the blades of the so-called “Rotino”, the phases of ’rounding and the graver, to polish and punch to the balls.

On the solid basis of the experience of SALVATORE E LELLA collaro underpinning the new avant-garde visions of the daughters Liliana and Lucy, who have blended the best merit of the past, the constant pursuit of originality, resulting in a unique result of elegance, romance and absolute charm.